The Artist and The Space ~ Charlie and Pop

After a crazy busy month of traveling followed by end-of-year festivities, I finally had the time to visit another artist and continue this series. I made plan to visit my friend Charlie Maguire at his studio in the California building in Minneapolis and, as a bonus, he offered to schedule my visit around his rehearsal with renowned folksinger Pop Wagner. It was such a treat!!!

It was cloudy on Monday morning but Charlie’s space is located in a one hundred year old grain mill building transformed into artists’ studios and offers two directional light sources from really large windows. It was moody to perfection!

Before Pop arrived, I photographed around the studio while chatting with Charlie. He is a very interesting man: A WWII history buff, an avid photographer and, of course, a life long musician!

The two friends were meeting to rehearse for an upcoming show ‘Bound for Glory’ on February 2.  I urge you to attend if you live in the Twin-Cities area, click here for more info.

I hope you are enjoying this series, please share a few words in the comments below. Thank you for visiting!

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-15

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-8

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-17

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-13


©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-14

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-10

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-26

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-22

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-27

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-32

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-31

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-18

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-19

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-24

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-40

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-41

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-39

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-36

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-35

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-12

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-11

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-47

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-45

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-43

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-28

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-29

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-23

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-30

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-49

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-42

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-33

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-51

©valerie jardin - charlie & pop-20

For consistency, I shoot this project at 35mm (my fastest prime lens) with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 (for a change) in Jpeg Acros film simulation and in horizontal format. I also always use ambient light and do minimal post processing, if any (applying my 5 sec. rule per frame or less). The point of the exercise is to spend time playing with my camera, not with Lightroom.

As the title indicates, this series is about artists and their space, not so much about the art itself. As you know, I love photographing people, but I also love those little details that say so much about who a person is. Nothing is staged or posed, I simply record the artist at work.

Thank you for visiting! You can see the full project gallery on my website.

11 thoughts on “The Artist and The Space ~ Charlie and Pop

  1. Charlie Maguire is an inspiration to everyone he meets. Last school year he did a residency at Dassel and Cokato Elementary and the two weeks were amazing. He immediately connects with staff and students creating thoughts, songs and music. The theme was “Singing on the Trail” that included a fund raiser to support the trail between the two communities. A gathering on the trail was treated to over 700 luminaries lighting the trail raising $10,000 for trail maintenance. Charlie participated in all events saying it was the best environmental projects. I am honored to call him friend.


  2. Very nice work, Valerie! Thanks for continuing to share. You have been my inspiration for adding b&w street photography to my body of work (primarily landscape and travel). Always learn from your images.


  3. Terrible timing. I’ve looked at this just when I have a shoot tomorrow as part of my portrait experiment. I will be put in my lowly place by the utter quality and delight of your work. Thank you!

    I’ve been thinking of shooting just in JPEG but I’m frightened of a blow out. So I will shoot in RAW too but not look at it unless the shot is essential and even with P’shot the JPEG doesn’t cut it.


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