The Artist and The Space ~ Rachel

I met Minneapolis photographer Rachel Simmons last fall, I even interviewed her for my podcast. She is not your ordinary family photographer, she uses her amazing studio space to create an imaginary world for children’s birthday parties. I met with her yesterday morning as she was setting up for a Winter Wonderland themed party. I can tell you that it is a lot of work! But what an amazing thing to combine her love for children, photography and the imaginary into whimsical birthday parties to the delight of children of all ages…

Visit Rachel’s website and listen to my recent interview with her.

I hope you are enjoying this series, please share a few words in the comments below. Thank you for visiting!

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-12

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-4

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-5

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-6

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-2

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-11

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-17

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-10

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-16

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-15

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-7

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-21

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-22

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-23

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-14


©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-3

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-13

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-9

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-8

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-26

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-25

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-24

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-19

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-20

©Valerie Jardin - Rachel-27

ABOUT THE PROJECT: For consistency, I shoot this project at 35mm (my fastest prime lens) with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 in Jpeg Acros film simulation and in horizontal format. I also always use ambient light and do minimal post processing, if any. The point of the exercise is to spend time playing with my camera, not with Lightroom. I strongly believe in the power of limitations and in making the photograph in camera.

As the title indicates, this series is about artists and their space, not so much about the art itself. As you know, I love photographing people, but I also love those little details that say so much about who a person is. Nothing is staged or posed, I simply record the artist at work.

Thank you for visiting! You can see the full project on my website: Part I and Part II

4 thoughts on “The Artist and The Space ~ Rachel

  1. I am enjoying this series, Valerie. There is a spontaneous intimacy in your shots and they reflect the creative mood of the artist. I must explore shooting in Film Sim/JPEG more often with my X-T2. Thanks for a terrific post.


  2. Really lovely presentation, with beautifully captured details and mood! Love your black and white photography, find it very inspiring! I also like the natural photography with minimum post processing. For sure will read the other stories from this series.


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