Barcelona in the Spring Time


I am still catching up with blog posts… Today I want to share some of my pics from Barcelona in April. Love the city, its people, the light and shadows… And the dogs!!!! Okay, I got a little carried away with the dogs of Barcelona but you’ll understand why in a few months 😉

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!


©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-3

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-5

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-2

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-6

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-9

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-10

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-11

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-4

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-13

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-14

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-16


©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-2

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-1

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-15

©Valérie Jardin - Barcelona-12

©Valérie Jardin - Flamenco-3

©Valérie Jardin - Flamenco-2

©Valérie Jardin - Flamenco-1

©Valérie Jardin - Flamenco-5

©Valérie Jardin - Flamenco-4

8 thoughts on “Barcelona in the Spring Time

  1. I’m sorry, but I must be missing something. You go to Barcelona and this is what you shoot? Dogs/old people? I’m sure you have oh so many more interesting images. Why show this? I’m not a street photographer – more of a travel/landscape/stock shooter, but still. I just don’t get the fascination with these type of scenes. And, yes, I know to each his/her own


    • Lol! Thanks for the comment Jorge. I can see your point of view as a landscape photographer. I’m not interested in shooting anything that other people will also shoot. Or scenes that I can buy on a postcard. That’s why I photograph slices of life. Moments that never happened before and will never happen again. Upstaged, untouched. Definitely the most challenging photographic genre there is. Landscape and traditional travel photography bores me. You have to try it to understand it 🙂

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  2. So many wonderful moments here, Valérie — oh, how I admire your eye! I especially love the frame of the German shepherd’s head in sharp focus in the foreground, because it looks like the beginning of a story. But really they are all superb.

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