Just a quick note to let you know that every copy of Chasing Light. Telling Stories. PARIS and Chasing Light. Telling Stories. DOGS will be signed until they sell out. There is still time to get your copy before the Holidays… And a few more for the Paris, Photography and/or Dog Lovers on your list 😉

Thank you for your support for my work!

Chasing Light Paris cover

Every time I make an image, I capture a moment in time that has never happened before and will never happen again. It’s the blink of an eye, a moment in the life of a stranger. Unprovoked, unstaged, unposed, unaltered — just beautiful and candid everyday life.

This collection of black and white photographs of daily life in Paris is a homage to the most beautiful city in the world and its people.

Chasing Light -- Dogs cover

Dogs are the best. There is no doubt about that. They only have one flaw: Their lives are too short. This book is a collection of black & white photographs of dogs who met my lens around the world in recent years. From Paris to Barcelona, from Minnesota to California, all the dogs in this book speak the language of love. This book is an homage to the dogs who have filled my life with joy and unconditional love since my childhood.


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