Musicians At Play ~ Eric and Laura

My series continues with two artists I visited recently. I am combining them in this one post as I have fewer pictures of each of them than some of the previous musicians.

I met Erin Kodner who played the French Horn for me. It was a challenging instrument to photograph due to its reflectivity. Since the goal of this project is little or no post processing,  removing my reflection from the instrument was out of the question, so it required a little bit more creativity in the framing and selection of the focal points. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the time I spent listening to Eric play and the lovely conversation we had afterwards.

In another part of town, I met Laura McKenzie and the buttery sound of her flutes. I also spotted her reflection in a little mirror, which gave my an extra creative angle while she was playing.

I hope you enjoy the following photographs.


Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-3

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-1

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-2

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-8

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-5


Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-7

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-10

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Eric-9

LAURACopyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-6

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-5

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-3

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-1

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-2

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-7

Copyright Valérie Jardin - Laura-9

This series is about music and passion. I simply record the musicians practicing in the intimacy of their home or studio. I come to the space for the first time, meet my subject and let the music and the light guide me to create the most intimate portraits of the artist, always unstaged and unposed. This project is shot at 35mm with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 in Jpeg Acros film simulation using ambient light and minimal post processing, if any. The point of the exercise is to spend time playing with my camera, not with Lightroom.

Visit the gallery to see the series in progress

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