Shop Local: The Shoemaker

This week I had the privilege to be invited in Amara Hark Weber’s studio. I have encountered a few custom shoemakers in Europe before, but none in the US. Amara says there are not many left. She is very passionate about her art and her workshop is filled with so many interesting objects, I could spend a day there!

Her work is amazing but you have to see it for yourself and in color on her website because I am staying true to the limitations I set for myself for this project: 30 minutes, no disruption of the subject at work, one focal length, B&W, no lights, minimal processing or cropping. Shot with the fujifilm X100V.

Amara is such a lovely person, I can’t wait to visit her again without a mask, when socializing is normal. I’m sure we will have lots of stories to share!

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-12

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-14

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-8

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-9

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-3

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-6

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-5

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-4

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-10

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-7

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-13

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-11

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-17

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-16

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-19

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-20

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-2

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-18

©Valérie Jardin - Shoe Maker-1

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