Shop Local: The Leather Shop

I had a really good time chatting with Kent and stepson Nathan at Leather Works Minnesota a few days ago. The shop is located in a beautiful old brick building in St Paul lower town.  It was fun to have some large windows to play with back lit situations. Their work is AMAZING! Check out their website if you are looking for that special wallet, bag, etc. I have my eye on a really cool grey Gina bag…

About the Shop Local project:  30 minutes, no disruption of the subject at work or the space, one focal length, B&W Acros, no lights, minimal processing and cropping. Shot with the fujifilm X100V.

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-4

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-8

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-9

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-10

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-12

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-16

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-13

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-14

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-5

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-20

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-3

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-6

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-7

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-17

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-18

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-15

©Valérie Jardin - leatherworks-19

6 thoughts on “Shop Local: The Leather Shop

  1. Lovely shots. I must confess that over time I have come to like ‘stories’ more than individual street shots. There is some added collective value to them.

    Am I right in assuming you are using a straight Acros simulation. It is beautiful.


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