The Off-Season with a Creative Focus Lens

I just spent a week in Normandy and played with the Lensbaby Sol 45 creative focus lens on a Fujifilm X-T30 (Yes, I brought my everyday X100V along as well). I find the coast to be ideal for this type of lens that forces you to slow down, let go of sharpness and ‘feel’ more. I often refer to this type of photography as ‘seeing with your heart’. The use of a creative focus lens such as the Sol 45 is a sure way to increase the challenge… and the fun. Everything is manual, the photographer tilts the lens to choose the focus point, then decides on the degree of blur.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to let go of the notion of perfection and unleash your creativity?

Note: I have no commercial ties with Lensbaby. I just like their stuff 🙂

(You can click on the first photograph to see them individually.)

7 thoughts on “The Off-Season with a Creative Focus Lens

  1. I was so glad to read that you enjoy the Lensbaby Sol 45 because I do too! I get some push back from those who must have full clarity at all times, but i too love the ability to just play & have fun. I have set up a Fuji XT-2 just for that lens & the Trio. As a gift, Lensbaby sent me the glass wand; it allows play with any lens! I have checked the work of Eva Polak (New Zealand), & her students, for inspiration. Knowing you like to play with Lensbaby gives me the freedom to continue playing & ignore the naysayers!


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