Visual Narratives: Fernand

I’m in Normandy to visit family. I’m also enjoying daily long walks on the beach to escape the frightening reality of the current world events. I walked 14 km this afternoon to clear my head, it was low tide when I crossed path with a shrimp fisherman on the beach. I asked if I could take a few pictures, we talked for a moment. He was also trying to escape reality for a few hours. His name is Fernand, I followed him to the water’s edge and snapped a few pics. My therapy is a camera. His is a fishing net. What’s yours?

Shot with the Fujifilm X100V at 23mm.

2 thoughts on “Visual Narratives: Fernand

  1. Magnifiques prises de vues qui restitue à merveille l’ambiance des bords de mer, une belle rencontre que ce pêcheur !
    Et merci Valérie, de nous permettre d’oublier un instant une actualité chaque jour plus inquiétante.


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