Visual Narratives: The Barbershop

There is a barbershop in St Paul, Minnesota that’s been in business since 1893. Yes, you read it correctly, 7th Street Barbers has been continually operating for 129 years!!! Today I met Pete, Mark and Wyatt while they were busy working on three lovely customers. I asked if I could take a few pictures and they all agreed with a smile.

Is there an iconic shop in your town that you could photograph?

Visual Narratives is an on-going project, visit the gallery here.

Shot with the Fujifilm X100V at 23mm in Acros and yellow filter.

13 thoughts on “Visual Narratives: The Barbershop

  1. Your visual narratives are wonderful and your blog inspired me to start my own. Thank you; I look forward to seeing more of your photos


  2. Maybe it’s just in New Jersey, but my experience is that people don’t want to be photographed in these spaces even when permission is asked. I’ve asked but never got a yes, and some people get verbally nasty.

    Kopp’s Cycle on Spring Street in Princeton is the oldest bicycle shop In the United States. It was established in 1891. It’s a small building, and the interior is jammed with bicycles. I don’t think it would make for exciting photography. I have photographed the outside only.

    Kopp’s Cycle:


  3. Merci pour l’inspiration, Valérie! Je suis en France jusqu’à fin Août, je vais essayer de trouver un endroit aussi intéressant! Françoise Muller-Robbie


  4. Years ago I try this in a Turkish Barbershop. When i ask for permission to make some photos, two gave me a smile und green light, the others gave me a no and a hard time. So when I look back, it was a nice lesson for me, how to deal with strangers.


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