The Artist and The Space ~ Patricia

This week’s featured artist is another painter, her name is Patricia Canney. I met Patricia the same day I met Carl. Their studios are in the same building in Minneapolis. There is something very special and intimate about a painter’s studio. I really enjoyed my time photographing at Patricia’s on Saturday, she is such a delightful and warm person. I can’t wait to visit her again.

The series being more about the artist and their space than their art itself, please visit Patricia’s website to see her amazing work, her use of colors is simply stunning!

Visit the full project gallery on my website. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks!


©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-35

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-7

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-17

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-14

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-12

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-15

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-25

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-6

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-24

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-27

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-19

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-18

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-13

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-2

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-10

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-9

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-21

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-4

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-3

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-1

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-36

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-33

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-32

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-31

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-30

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-26

©Valerie Jardin - Patricia-29


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The Artist and The Space ~ Carl

I’m so excited to share this new photography project with you!! I started it today, on the first real snowy day of the season in Minnesota. Coincidence? Maybe so, but I think it came at the right time… Every winter seems to be getting a little longer up here. It may very well feel that way because I now have the opportunity to escape the cold on a regular basis for my work. After each trip to teach a workshop during the winter months, it feels as if winter should have subsided up here. But it remains, month after month, from November to April. This year I was determined to start a new project before the first snow flake flies, but I didn’t expect it so soon!!

I came back from teaching in France exactly a week ago. The very next day I met Carl at his studio in NE Minneapolis during an open studio event. He was listening to Shostakovich, his little dog Bella was wearing a Wonder Woman outfit and we talked about seagulls. I knew we would become fast friends!  After exchanging a couple of emails, I asked Carl if he would participate in my new photography project ‘The Artist & The Space’. We agreed on a day and time to meet at his studio again the following week. Et voilà! He is the first subject of my new series.

For consistency, I will shoot this project at 35mm (my fastest prime lens) with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 (for a change) in Jpeg Acros film simulation and in horizontal format. I will also always use ambient light and do minimal post processing, if any (applying my 5 sec. rule per frame or less). The point of the exercise is to spend time playing with my camera, not with Lightroom.

As the title indicates, this series is about artists and their space, not so much about the art itself. As you know, I love photographing people, but I also love those little details that say so much about who a person is. Nothing is staged or posed, I simply record the artist at work. Working with Carl this morning made my day as we enjoyed a nice conversation while he was painting and I was shooting. And sweet little Bella gave me my much needed dog fix. I will certainly visit them again soon!

Please visit Carl Oltvedt’s beautiful work on his website and follow him on Instagram!

Visit the full project gallery on my website.  What do you think about this new project? I’d love to read your thoughts!

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-19

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-10

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-7

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-8

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-15

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-9

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-27

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-24

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-23


©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-18

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-21

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-31

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-30

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-29


©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-28

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-26

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-36

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-35

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-22

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-17

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-16

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-14

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-3

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-1

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-32

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-5

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-4


©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-2

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-38

©Valerie Jardin - The Artist and The Space - Carl-37

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Normandy in my Heart

I just returned from teaching my newly redesigned luxury Normandy workshop and I can’t wait to offer it again in May and September next year. What a great time it was with a small group of photographers who spent the week fine-tuning their visual storytelling skills from small beach towns, street markets, castles and abbeys to WWII sites and so much more!

Being born and raised in Normandy, it’s always a pleasure to give my students an intimate tour of the region that I love so much and share many family stories and childhood memories.

While I spend most of my time guiding them photographically, I also shoot alongside them all week. We shared many amazing photographic moments, great conversations, good laughs and fantastic meals. The workshop being so late in the season this year, we were gifted with every weather Normandy has to offer from calm seas to storms, from beautiful golden light to dramatic skies. It’s as is the weather gods had planned the week with a camera in hand 😉

Some days called for color, others for B&W. Here are a few of the pics I gathered along the way…

Have you ever visited Normandy?

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-11

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-9

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-21

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-10

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-7

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-25

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-22

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-2

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-26

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-5

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-20

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-13

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-18

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-15

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-12

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-3

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-29

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-19

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-27

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-28

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-17

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-16

©Valerie Jardin - Normandy-1

Cameras used: Fujifilm X100F and X-Pro2 in Classic Chrome and Acros.

“I still can’t believe I was fortunate enough to spend a week with Valerie in Normandy. It was my first multiple day workshop, so I really had no expectations.I think my bar for the “next one” is set really high. The workshop was extremely well planned, with nothing for me to do except photograph.  Knowing that Valerie was from the region was one of my biggest reasons for going on this workshop….and I was not disappointed.I truly left with a sense (and pictures) of the region, the landscape, the architecture and the people!  Not only do I think I am a much better photographer I also now have a way of approaching the locations I will go to in the future. Valerie was always available, positive, encouraging and had boundless energy so that our days were FILLED with opportunities for photography. I would highly recommend attending a workshop with Valerie.” Cindy Nelson, USA  Normandy Oct 2018


J’aime Aussi Paris en Couleur


I hope you enjoyed my recent J’aime Paris en Noir et Blanc post. Of course, Paris is also about color, a more playful Paris with  different situations, different moods… Here are a few frames from September.

All photographs shot with the Fujifilm X100F in Classic Chrome.

Which post did you enjoy the most?

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©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-5

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-33

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-30

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-2

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-34

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-37

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-36

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-35

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-9

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-26

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-25


©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-32

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-31

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-21

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-14

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-11

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-12

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-13

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-6

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-7

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-1

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-4

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-3

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-20

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-41

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-40

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-39

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 color-8

J’aime Paris en Noir et Blanc

Sorry about the short post but, as I am about to fly back to France to teach another workshop about visual storytelling,  I realize that I haven’t shared some of my photographs from Paris last month! Here is a selection of frames in B&W for you today. Everyday life captured on the streets of Paris in September 2018. Moments that will never happen again…  Do you have a favorite?

Enjoy and have a fabulous day!


©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-22

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-27

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-14

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-11

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-10

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-8

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018 BW-1

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-3

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-23

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-13

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-19

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-26

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-28

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-24

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-16

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-17

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-32

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-29

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-21

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-20

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-33

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-12

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-6

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-7

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-5

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-2

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-1

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-30

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-61

©Valerie Jardin - Paris Sept 2018-15

All photographs shot with the Fujifilm X100F in Acros.

Minnesota State Fair Moments 2018

Every year I try go to the fair twice, once for family time and once for photography. This year I actually went twice for family fun and only a very short time for photography. I enjoy photographing in two places: Near the horse barns in the late afternoon, and in the Midway at night. The Midway is where the rides are. So when I walk in, and I’m on a mission. I only carry my camera and I spend 2-3 hours for the sole purpose of getting a few shots.

These are some of the shots I collected this year…

This little girl was so excited about the horses coming and going. I spent a few minutes photographing her excitement. I talked with a mom for a little while before leaving and gave her my contact info. The next day I sent her high res pics of her little girl.

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-9

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-6

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-4

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-10

This is part of what the little girl was watching…

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-2\©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-3

The rest of the time I walked around and captured faces illuminated by the bright  ambient lights of the fair…

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-16

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-14

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-15

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-12

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-13

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-11

There are places at the State Fair where it feels like you just stepped into a different time…

©Valerie Jardin - State Fair 2018-1

Do you photograph the fair near you?

Ma Normandie


I’m a little behind in my blog posts… I spent 6 weeks in Normandy this summer and I only posted pics from the workshop, not from the few weeks I stayed there on vacation. There are too many photographs to post so I selected a few at random to share with you here. They were shot in July, mostly during my daily walk on the beach in Cabourg or in neighboring seaside towns 🙂

I can’t wait to teach the next workshop there in October! I also opened registration for Normandy in May and September 2019, a few spots are still open. It’s all about seeing photographically and story telling, check them out!

Stories of Hands

If you follow me on social media, you probably noticed that I started a new series in April while traveling in Rome. I started photographing hands. I find hands special. They have character, they convey an emotion. Since then, I’ve photographed hands in Paris, Normandy, Zurich and more.

Here are a few hands photographed in recent weeks. Except for one or two, they were all shot without the subject noticing me. There are many more on my website gallery here. I know I have many more from previous years, I will eventually look through my portfolio and add to the collection. That may take a while 😉

Which is your favorite?

©Valerie Jardin-2

©Valerie Jardin-3

©Valerie Jardin-4

©Valerie Jardin-5

©Valerie Jardin-7

©Valerie Jardin-6

©Valerie Jardin-8

©Valerie Jardin-10

©Valerie Jardin-9

©Valerie Jardin-13

©Valerie Jardin-11

©Valerie Jardin-12

©Valerie Jardin - Hands-12

©Valerie Jardin-14

©Valerie Jardin-15

All photographs ©Valérie Jardin 2018

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I haven’t even finished sharing my pictures from my vacation in Normandy in July, and I’m already back from another trip to Europe and soon leaving again. Where does time go?

Today I want to share pics I shot during my vacation while visiting one of my favorite city, Saint Malo, in neighboring Brittany. You know how much I love architectural abstract. Almost as much as I love street photography actually. So you can imagine my delight when I walked into Hotel Le Grand Bé and saw the architecture in the lobby. I spent a few minutes walking around and shot the lobby from different perspectives and levels. SO MUCH FUN! And another example of the versatility of the 23 mm focal length (35 mm full frame equivalent)…

Do you enjoy shooting architectural abstract?

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-1

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-2

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-4

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-5

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-6

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-7

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-8

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-10

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-11

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-12

©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-3 ©Valerie Jardin - Architectural Abstract-15

All photos ©Valérie Jardin

Normandy: Students’ Work


I rarely have the time to create posts featuring students’ work, but since I still have a few days before going back to a full time schedule, this is a great opportunity to do one. It’s been nearly a month since the Normandy workshop and what a memorable week it was! I knew most of the participants from previous workshops and also made new friends. We shared so many amazing photographic moments, great conversations, wonderful meals and lots of really good laughs together. Just writing this brings back a smile to my face. I miss them all! Some of them were experienced photographers, others were new at it. The workshop is much more than street photography, it’s about visual storytelling and capturing the essence of a place. All learned so much and impressed me with their unique vision of a place that is very special to me. Normandy is where I was born and raised, and where I reside part time once again.

I am excited to share it with new friends later this year and again next year for new Normandy adventures. I hope you join me!

Please enjoy some of my students’ work 🙂

What a great trip we had with you in Normandy! Paul and I want to thank you so much for all your teaching, organization, and patience. More than any other photo tour or workshop we have been on, this one was made much more poignant because of your knowledge of the area and your personal touches. What fun it was to meet your parents too! We especially want to thank you for your encouragement and support of our photography. You are a wonderful mentor. Hope to see you again at another workshop in the future. Elizabeth & Paul Gray, Vancouver, Canada

The Normandy workshop was a terrific experience. Although I don’t consider myself a street photographer, learning from others, seeing how they approach photography, and stretching ourselves outside our familiar territory is critical to advancing our own art. The Normandy workshop provides that and adds to it an opportunity to visit a beautiful part of France full of history and culture and do it with a native of the region. Valerie somehow manages the complicated logistics of this workshop going to multiple locations, staying in multiple hotels, making it all effortless for the participants. Valerie’s artistic passion and insights are a valuable addition to my photographic journey. Tony, Rochester, MN

IMG_3328  ~ ~ ~

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