Happy In Minneapolis ~ Street Photography

It’s always a bit challenging to adjust back to my American life when I return from a visit back home in France. After shooting street photography in Paris, it’s hard to get motivated to go out and shoot in my own ‘backyard’ here in the Twin-Cities. Yet, I know that all it takes is to go out and do it and I soon forget that I am homesick. I met up with some local photographer friends who joined my Passion and Vision photo walk group. Since it was a dozen of us, we all split up in pairs to do some street photography for a few hours. Then we met up again and discussed our experience.

It’s starting to get cold up here, there are fewer people in the streets, no one sits at outdoor cafes anymore… Yet, there were still photos to be made and interesting people to talk to. Although it was a gray Saturday, just a few days before the presidential elections, it seemed to me that people were in a particularly happy mood on Nicollet Mall in Minnepolis on November 3rd!

Note: These images were shot up close and personal with the Canon 40mm pancake lens on 5d MarkII. 

6 thoughts on “Happy In Minneapolis ~ Street Photography

  1. Super les photos! C’est une bonne idée de faire des photos par thème; cela oblige à se concentrer et à apprécier les choses en profondeur.


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